Nature wines - without added sulfites

Chateau de la Gardine’s wines without added sulphites

« The Brunels have created a technically flawless wine. A trademark that must be underlined in these times when approximation has become a commercial argument». » The new Bettane & Desseauve, December 2020

Wines without added sulphites are tricky to produce. Sulphites are the most used inputs as they protect the wines from oxidisation and bacteria development. They give wines the possibility to age without flaws. We always felt involved in and concerned with quality and authenticity of our products and keep looking for the best in our work. 17 years ago we developed our first wine without added sulfites « as close as possible to the grape » (first vintage 2004).

Where does that fear come from ?

It was a real «Peur Bleue » (be scared stiff of) to launch ourselves into this new wine with a radically different winemaking method. However, the fear quickly gave way to a real technical and innovative mastery. “Peur Bleue” exists for seventeen years now, and lovers of fruity wines appreciate it, mostly for its pure aromas. It was quite naturally that in 2016, we decided to offer a new sulphite-free cuvée, but this time from our Rasteau vineyard, named «Même pas peur »!

Readying and tasting of a sulphite-free wine

Sulphite-free wines require a vinification that limits contact with air as much as possible. These wines therefore retain a significant quantity of CO2 (naturally resulting from alcoholic fermentation). This is why they are a little sparkling by opening. To answer to this great need for aeration, they should be poured into a decanter with a flared bottom, to allow maximum contact between air and wine surface.

Then, shake the whole thing vigorously: these wines stand up to the test outstandingly. They will be rid of CO2 and aeration will unfold the multiple petals of their bouquet. They will be able to offer you all their potential for fruity aromas and persistent freshness.

Ideally, decant your bottle one to two hours before tasting. However, if necessary, this operation can very well be limited to 10 to 15 minutes, thanks to a well-opened decanter and an energetic shaking.

Is there any wine left in the carafe? Don’t hesitate to taste it again the next day, you will be won over by its intact freshness and its beautiful length.

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