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Saint-Joseph Designation


Starting South of Lyon, North of Valence, the Saint-Joseph Vineyards stretch over 50 kms right bank of the Rhône River upon 1200 ha. 

The wine-growing region is made up of very steep slopes. Therefore is the wine growing work almost exclusively hand operated, the vineyards are organised in man-made terraced cultures, typical of the Ardèche Department landscape. Settled on light schist and gneiss soils, the grape variety Syrah finds its place of choice. Saint-Joseph reds pair perfectly with red meat, grilled food, game and mushrooms.

The designation’s name is not one of a village but that of a hamlet. It was once upon a time called “Vin de Mauves” (Mauves’ wine), the village of Mauves being the berth of the designation, and is often mentioned in Victor Hugo’s writings.


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