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Chicken & Végetable Vol-au-Vent (pie)

Chicken & Végetable Vol-au-Vent (pie)
Serves 8
Serves 8
> 2 hours
> 2 hours


4 chicken wings 4 chicken drumsticks
2 handfulls of poultry gizzards and livers
250g minced meat (beef, pork, veal… anything)
2 large onions
500g carrots
1 bunch of celery
500g potatoes
2 tablespoons tomato concentrate
1 handfull of dried ceps
1 handfull of black and one handfull of green olives
Olive oil
Salt, pepper

2 sheets of puff pastry
1 eggyolk


Peel and dice all the vegetables (onion in small pieces, celery and carrots into sticks). Rehydrate the dried ceps in a bowl of lukewarm water. Precook for a few minutes the celery in salted boiling water and keep on the side (with the water).
In a large cast iron pan, let the chicken drumsticks and wings golden with olive oil for a few minutes. Keep on the side. Do the same with the gizzards & livers.
Add a bit more oil, then add the onions and carrots, stirring well to mix the meat juices at the bottom of the pan with the vegetables. Cook for about 10 minutes. Add the potatoes, cook for a few more minutes, then the meat, celery (with water), drained mushroom, boiled oilves and tomato concentrate. The liquid must cover it all. If not, add a bit more water. Cook for 2 hours.

Roll two sheets of dough, same size each. Put a bit of water all around the first sheet of dough. Put the other one on top and shape the top “opening” with a knife. Spread some eggyolk and bake at 200°C for about 30 minutes. Open delicately the vol-au-vent, fill with some drained casserole and serve. Serve the rest of the casserole on the side in your casserole.

Recipe by Marion Barral.